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Stable on the ground, a medium format camera is attached to a tripod. The lens is fixed on the sun and the shutter is open for a long exposure. It holds a piece of paper coated in cyanotype chemicals. The result is a dark blue line tracing the imperceptibly fast motion of a fixed point on earth. 795 miles per hour and hardly a breeze. The photograph is small, and other than a dark blue line not much of anything appears. It is a game of scales. The unfathomable sun reduced to a pocket-sized photograph. Nothing but the trace of ultraviolet light. A record demonstrating the rotation of the earth. A fraction of a motion in an enormous cosmic machine pumping away in the background of everything. Toward, and away from, the sun.

Rotation, Tracing
Rotation, Tracing
Cyanotype on Paper
13.5 x 18 inches overall; 2.5 x 2.5 inches each